Antibak, ni Roberto T. Añonuevo

Roberto T. Añonuevo

 Sino ba
 Sino bak
 Sin, o bak?
 Sino bakla
 Sin! O bak!
 Si, no vac!
 Si, on back!
 Zino vackhla
 Zino babakli
 Zino titibak
 Zino babakbak
 Zino babakuna
 Zino babakulaw
 Zino bak kik ba
 Zino kik Vak va
 Si! Sisi, sisi! si
 Vi! Veerus! Viktori!
 No! O, Nono, No! No!
 Bá! Ba? Babâ! Bababà!
 Ku! Ku! Kuku! Kukurakot!
 Go! Go, Bak! Agogo! Go bak! 
 Bakla, bakli, bakuna, sino vac-
 Lah, sino ang bakunadong babagsak? 
Alimbúkad: Uncontrollable poetry beyond margins. Photo by Nataliya Vaitkevich on

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